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It’s every dirt rider’s dream: a bike with the power, light weight, and crisp handling of a factory motorcrosser, but with the fine tuning that makes it perfect for rides outside the track. And hey, it’s our dream too—which is why we build the CRF450RX. With all the updates of the 2023 CRF450R we’ve given it the magic touches that turn it into the perfect off-road enduro ride. In fact, things that make our 2023 CRF450R even better—like more low- and midrange torque—really take the RX to the next level. Other RX differences? Our Honda Selectable Torque Control lets you maximize available traction under different conditions. A lightweight chassis, 18-inch rear wheel, hydraulic clutch and special suspension settings help you take on varied terrain. And then there’s the big feature nobody can touch: our reputation for quality and reliability. You’ll be laughing—and riding—the next time your riding buddy tells you how he had to hike out ten miles in his motocross boots. Tell him he shoulda picked a Honda CRF450RX!